Secondary Packaging (High speed cartoning, blistering, shrink wrapping and kitting)

Natural Essentials currently operates 5 Alloyd Rotary Blister Machines giving us a capacity of almost 300,000 units / day. In addition to this, we also offer countless other secondary packaging services such as high speed cartoning, shrink wrapping, display packing and more all under one roof. At Natural Essentials we never outsource secondary packaging so you can rest assured your entire project comes together seamlessly the first time, every time.

Co-packing / Private Label Manufacturing Services:

We currently offer a wide range of co-packing and private label manufacturing services including liquid filling, blister packing, kitting, specialty compounding and custom formulations to name a few.  It is important to note that our service offerings are constantly evolving.  

Core Service Offerings:

Lip Balm Contract Filling:

​​Natural Essentials currently has lip balm stick filling capacity of over 50 million units / year and growing. Top that with a capacity to fill 70 million lip balm jars annually and millions of lip gloss tubes, it is easy to see why we are a go to source for lip balm manufacturing. We currently manufacture small lip balm runs starting at only 5,000 units and have many customers that run 1 million or more per run. In addition to our custom lip balm filling, we currently stock over 20 sku's of "stock lip balm" in clear, white and black stick that are in stock ready to be labeled for promotional customers. Whatever your needs, Natural Essentials has the capacity to fill it quickly and economically.

Tube Contract Filling:

Natural Essentials currently fills plastic squeezable tubes ranging in size from .25 oz. up to 8 oz. We currently operate 4 tube fillers including 1 - 2 head ultrasonic sealer for those tough jobs that require tube sealing through heavy ointments or balms. Our current capacity on filling plastic tubes is roughly 250,000 units / day depending on the size of the tube and consistency of the product. Minimum runs on tube filling starts at only 10,000 units.

Bottle Filling Equipment:

Natural Essentials currently has bottle filling capacity of well over 100 million units / year and growing. When it comes to Bottle Filling we have the capability to fill bottle sizes ranging from 3 ml all the way up to gallon jugs and everything in between. However, what really makes us special is the ability to offer product filling ranging from water thin, foaming product all the way to heavy ointments and creams. Whether your looking for a hot or cold pour, at Natural Essentials we have a range of equipment for almost any need. 

Jar Filling For Heavy Creams and Ointments:

Jar filling can be more complicated than people think.   Often, products filled in jars are done so because they are thick ointments and creams that require heat, large heads and specialized equipment to fill the product efficiently.  We currently have capacity of well over 100 million units / year and growing. When it comes to Jar Filling we have the capability to fill jar sizes ranging from 3 ml all the way up to 1 Gallon Pails and everything in between. Furthermore, most of our filling lines are outfitted with jacketed tanks allowing us to facilitate hot pour products with ease. In addition to this, we have multiple induction sealers allowing us to fill jars and seal them inline without added cost. In addition to filling basic products, we have also worked on many projects that require multiple pours such as salt and sugar scrubs. Regardless of your needs, chances are Natural Essentials can offer a solution that is both economical and timely.

Sample Packet Filling / High Speed Form Fill Seal

Natural Essentials currently operates multiple vertical form fill seal machines allowing us to highly competitive at filling sample packets and other flexible packaging. With a capacity of 400,000 packets / day and run sizes starting at just 50,000 packets, Natural Essentials has the ability to satisfy customers of all sizes.