Seed to shelf...quality is our promise!

It's not just a slogan but a philosophy we live by.  At Natural Essentials we understand that quality is everything!  

In 2010 we started our specialty ingredient division and set out on a mission to provide consistent supply, unrivaled selection and unmatched quality at market leading prices to companies with a level of customer service that would one day become the benchmark for which all other competitors would strive for.  Years later this mission would prove successful as we became one of the Nation's leading suppliers of natural ingredients including therapeutic grade essential oils, butters, waxes, oils and botanicals.  

Core Competencies:

Essential Oils

Natural Essentials started it's specialty ingredient division with a full selection of pure grade essential oils.  With over 200 variations of conventional and certified organic essential oils and an ever-growing stock offering of the most popular blended products, today Natural Essentials is one of the largest and well-respected suppliers of essential oils in North America.  We stock thousands of pounds of the world's most precious oils in our 260,000 foot distribution warehouse and offer some of the world's best pricing and consistent supply on industry staples such as lavender and peppermint oil.  Many of these oils are shipped out same day to customers all over the world.  To our knowledge there is not another company in all of North America that has an infrastructure and supply chain for essential oils that can compete with Natural Essentials.  Over the past 5 years we have developed relationships with producers and suppliers to ensure quality, consistency and availability when other can't.  For this reason, some of the nation's largest brands depend on our essential oils for their products and our oils can be found in products at almost every retailer in North America.

Herbs and Botanicals

In 2014 Natural Essentials acquired the Botanical division of Lebermuth after over 100 years in operation.  At the time Lebermuth had hundreds of customers, an impeccable reputation for quality and customer service and strong direct source relationships with fields and farms supplying top quality herbs and botanicals.  That single acquisition made us a powerhouse in the world of dried botanicals, herbs and spices.  Armed with farm direct relationships we quickly became a dominant force in the distribution of a complete line of more than 1,500 herb and botanical variations.  Today, we have expanded that distribution network by offering our premium line of botanicals in smaller quantities at wholesale prices thru our web distribution division at